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Interactive learning: what does it consist of?

Interactive learning becomes more and more functional. Through traditional and innovative tools, it shows us all the potential contribution of new currents and resources in the field of education. Many psychologists, biologists, mathematicians….each one has contributed a brick in an attempt to improve the understanding of this process. So, in this article today we want …


The role of teachers

Are lecturers judges who decide whether their pupils deserve promotion or rejection or are they farmers shaping a fertile soil in which to grow? We are definitely doing something wrong in the assessment if at the end of the semester there are only students who are tired, unmotivated, stressed and on the verge of a …


Educating better: Key concepts

Educating is a positive experience, but also full of difficult moments. Today, despite having access to a lot of information on the subject, sometimes we still seem to be lost. We have access to many guidelines and educational methods, yet parents seem increasingly confused about how to better educate their children. Why is that? How …